Raising Great Teens


School Attendance Woes

This online course is aimed at parents of tweens and teens who are concerned their teen is having trouble attending school.
The course includes:

Your Journey

Enjoy our videos with transcripts at your own pace, when you want and where you want!

Group Support

Access to a private Facebook group for support and to share your journey.

Actionable Plans

Weekly journal to complete and new strategies every week to try.

You will learn during this 6 week course:

  • Some of the reasons why teens find attending school hard- including brain development.
  • Recognize the early signs of anxiousness about school
  • Tried and tested strategies and tips to support them through these worries
  • Increased confidence in your parenting through school attendance worries
  • Know how to repair the relationship after an event of conflict or breakdown regarding school attendance
  • Understanding of why it is that parents are triggered by particular situations around school attendance and how to unpack and be reflective of this so it does not impact your relationship with their teen/tween negatively.
  • How to engage with school for support
  • Signs that your child may need further help and how to access it.
  • School may only last until your teen is 18 years old, but the relationship and connection you build through the school years while supporting your teen can last a lifetime, this course is designed with this value as the key component, regardless of your teens outcome in schooling.

Only $200